Housemates hilariously recreate G-A-Y club at home and get it spot on

Housemates hilariously recreate G-A-Y club at home and get it spot on

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Coronavirus has brought out the creativity in so many people as they adjust to life in lockdown.

And one set of LGBT+ housemates have found the perfect way to enjoy a night out as a night in. They recreated the UK’s famous G-A-Y club in their terraced house. Then they posted footage on Twitter for everyone to enjoy.

The camera angle gives an LGBT+ clubber’s point of view, following their journey through the night.

The clubber starts outside where a housemate is acting the role of a G-A-Y flyer boy, handing out promotional flyers for the venue.

Then he walks up to the shared house front door where another housemate has taken the role of security guard. The security person even has an ear-piece to fake talking to someone about the numbers entering the club.

Inside the house, the disco lights are on and they’ve put a G-A-Y sign up above the living room fireplace. In one corner, the housemates have set up a bar where the clubber orders a vodka and pays using a fake contactless payment system.

Meanwhile, upstairs, two housemates are making out wildly outside the toilets. And inside the bathroom, of course there’s a toilet attendant offering a ‘spritz’ of aftershave in return for loose change.

Finally, the clubber joins his friends on the main dance floor where naturally Rihanna’s hit We Found Love is booming.

‘Whatever brings a smile is good’

One of the people who loved and shared the video is G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph.

He took the decision to close his venues in London and Manchester before the official government lockdown to protect staff and customers.

But he is delighted with the comical homage. He told GSN:

‘People need to share more funny things, whatever brings a smile at the moment is good. And if people are recreating G-A-Y at home, it’s because they love G-A-Y.’

However, he’s not the only one to enjoy the video. It’s now been seen more than 200,000 times.

Twitter user d4n said: ‘The fact We Found Love is playing. I’m screaming! That’s been on rotation in G-A-Y Late since it came out.’

And Gaz told the housemates: ‘You guys deserve a lifetime membership after this.’

But another Twitter user, Louise, did spot one gap in the otherwise brilliantly-observed recreation. She commented: ‘This is amazing! No Chupa Chups in the bathroom though.’

You can watch it here:

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith