Sex doll sales soar with gay people and couples fuelling demand

Sex doll sales soar with gay people and couples fuelling demand

Gay and bi men and women and couples are buying sex dolls in record numbers to relieve coronavirus lockdown boredom.

One sex doll company has released sales figures showing more people bought dolls in the first three months of the year than in the whole of 2019.

Their stats show gay and bi men and women are even more likely than other men and women to have bought one of the dolls.

Likewise, same-sex couples are also keen to add one of the dolls to their bedroom fun.

But the biggest rise of all appears to be among experimental heterosexual couples. That would appear to mean that some people in ‘straight’ relationships are using the lockdown to enjoy their bi side.

Sexual liberation during lockdown

Sex Doll Genie, which operates in the US and Europe, claims to be the the largest sex doll store in the world.

It makes made-to-order dolls. The most popular male doll, Lucas, costs $2,250 and the best-selling female doll, Frankie retails at $2,080.

Frankie, the best selling female doll. Sex Doll Genie

Janet Stevensen, is the co-founder of Sex Doll Genie. She said:

‘We are seeing the sex doll industry go through a revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic with a huge increase in orders from both couples and male and single females.

‘Couples who have been quarantined together seem to be much more open to trying something new after possibly experimenting more during the lockdown.

‘We are also seeing more single men and women placing orders for the first time. We think this is because they view solo play as a safer alternative to dating apps.’

Lucas, the best selling male doll. Sex Doll Genie

Indeed, LGBT+ organizations have warned that sex with people outside the home is high risk for passing on coronavirus. It is also a breach of lockdown rules.

However, sex with someone you live with is relatively safer, provided neither of you have COVID-19 symptoms.

That’s led to LGBT+ health charities actively promoting masturbation and sex toy use during the pandemic. There’s more advice on sex during the COVID-19 crisis here.

Meanwhile Sex Doll Genie is adding resources to meet worldwide demand.

The company told GSN: ‘We are okay on supply. But the shipments are getting severely delayed from China as FedEx and other carriers are struggling to have enough planes in the air due to the pandemic.

‘What we’re running out of is staff so we’re hiring as fast as we can.’

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith