A Polish gay couple took their rainbow face masks to an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

A Polish gay couple took their rainbow face masks to an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

A Polish gay couple have taken their free rainbow face masks to the heart of one of the country’s ‘LGBT-Free Zones’.

Towns and districts across Poland have declared themselves ‘LGBT-Free’ in the last year. 

But married YouTubers Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski have found a great way to fight back – with generosity.

They started handing out rainbow face masks in Poland in April as coronavirus panic hit the country.

And now they’ve taken the campaign to one of the ‘LGBT-Free Zones’. They handed out the Pride-flag colored masks in Morda, Trzebieszów and Biała Podlaska, in the east of the country.

The couple said: ‘“Promoting LGBT” is forbidden in these areas. But people’s reaction wasn’t only negative.

‘We faced a few threats, some people were a bit nasty. However, watching so many people with rainbow masks on their faces in such areas, was absolutely worth it!’

‘I will punch you in the face’

Indeed their video shows both positive and negative reactions to the free masks.

One man warns them: ‘They may give some hassle for it.’

And soon another man tells the pair: ‘Get the fuck out of here or I will punch you in the face.’

But that doesn’t stop his friends from accepting the masks.

Moreover, the couple’s luck soon picks up. One woman says ‘rainbow, very pretty’ while another says ‘what a beautiful mask’.

Indeed people even start taking extra masks for family members. And one person who accepted one says:

‘You are spreading tolerance and equality and we are taking part in it with pleasure.’

Old and young embraced the masks – including the woman in the main photo of this article. It indicates that many Polish people are happy to support LGBT+ diversity and don’t agree with the laws.

Jakub and Dawid handing out free rainbow masks in an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’. Daku

Around 100 municipalities and five voivodships or provinces, the largest administrative unit in Poland, had declared themselves LGBT Free Zones since last year. Together they cover a third of the country and make up an area around the size of Hungary.

Meanwhile, Poland is considering an anti-LGBT+ Stop Pedophilia law.

However, some Poles are angry with politicians for abusing the coronavirus period to try to bring in the new law when they can’t easily protest against it.

Moreover, campaigners are calling on Poland’s twin and sister cities to argue against the ‘LGBT-Free Zones’.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith