Digital Pride: Our new Giphy stickers will help you stick with Pride

Digital Pride: Our new Giphy stickers will help you stick with Pride

Social media fans on Snapchat, Instagram and beyond can now use our brand new Digital Pride Giphy stickers to show their identity and celebrate Pride.

Creative agency AMV BBDO created the Giphy stickers in partnership with GSN and our annual Digital Pride event.

They wanted to join our ongoing quest to find new ways to allow people to celebrate Pride around the world when they usually can’t – be that because of the COVID-19 pandemic or for any other reason.

You can use our Giphy Digital Pride stickers to stick with Pride. AMV BBDO GSN

Creators Ant Eagle and Claire Gordon-Webster said: ‘We noticed that many Pride celebrations were being postponed or cancelled in the wake of COVID-19.

‘This distressed us as the LGBTQ+ community deserves to be championed and celebrated no matter what.

‘GSN had already run brilliant Digital Pride activations in the past and we reached out to help them amplify their work. Now, more than ever, we need digital, virtual solutions to create a sense of celebration, community and inclusion.’

We are officially launching the sticker collection today. But even in the pre-launch phase, we’ve seen almost 1.5million downloads of them already.

‘Little badges of love’

The pair based the stickers on the many Pride flags celebrating different parts of the LGBT+ community. They used GSN’s biggest ever guide to the rainbow flags, to ensure the collection showcases the whole colorful spectrum of the community.

Get all the love and more by just searching Digital Pride on Insta, Snap and beyond. AMV BBDO GSN

You can find the stickers by just searching Digital Pride. And then put them on your pictures, just as you may don a feather boa, sparkly hot pants or rainbow sneakers for an IRL Pride.

Ant was inspired by the stickers Pride parade marchers pin on him at physical Prides:

‘I love collecting stickers at Pride! They’re little badges of love and a great way to support the many different members of our LGBT+ community.

‘So in a year where we can’t physically share them, we thought why not make them digital? Wonder how many I can stick on my Pride-loving mum (she normally has twice as many as me).’

Moreover LGBT+ ally Claire had her own reason for getting involved:

‘When I saw the Pride Ally flag for the first time I got a little bit emotional.

‘Being able to show my support in a celebratory, playful, digital way was awesome. If it meant that much to me I can’t even begin to imagine how much it could mean to members of the LGBT+ community.’

Digital Pride keeps on connecting

Meanwhile GSN co-founder Scott Nunn is delighted that so many people are already using the stickers for their own Pride stories.

He said: ‘GSN created the world’s first ever Digital Pride in 2016. Since then, we’ve held events every year, helping people connect who never would have had the chance in real life.

‘These stickers are a fun way to celebrate. But for us the spirit of Pride goes on all year. So we look forward to millions of people enjoying these amazing stickers that Ant, Claire and the AMV BBDO agency have created for a long time to come.’

Just search Digital Pride and then add the stickers to your stories. AMV BBDO GSN

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith