Launching Hidayah’s mentoring scheme “Walk With Me”

Launching Hidayah’s mentoring scheme “Walk With Me”

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Hidayah is proud to announce our mentoring scheme “Walk With Me” which has been created to help support our LGBTQIA+ Muslim members.

With recent events that have affected people around the world including many of our members, we at Hidayah understand the importance of someone “being there for you” during these difficult times. 

The core feedback we’ve had from our members after we made the decision to close our WhatsApp Groups, was wanting one to one support to help them navigate through their journey of being an LGBTQIA+ Muslim. 

We have listened to the feedback and created an opportunity for our members to not only apply to have a Mentor, but to become a Mentor themselves! By using your lived experiences as a LGBTQIA+ Muslim, a Mentor will be able to provide invaluable advice and guidance to our members that require it. 

The board has created an extensive support and training package that will equip our Mentors with all the relevant skills they will need to help support them. 

If YOU are interested in becoming a Mentor for Hidayah, please read the job description which can be found here and please submit an application form here.

Please note, this will be a voluntary position, as Hidayah is a volunteer led charity. 

If you are a LGBTQIA+ Muslim in the UK and would benefit from having a Hidayah Mentor, please apply here.

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