One in five Tinder matches are queer as more young people open up to LGBT+ dating

One in five Tinder matches are queer as more young people open up to LGBT+ dating
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One in five matches on dating app Tinder are between people of the same gender in the US and UK.

However, new research has found that young LGBT+ people are far more likely to be out online than they are ‘in real life’ (IRL).

The research looked at people aged 18 to 25 – Gen Z – and found they wanted to be their authentic selves.

Despite this, 41% of non-binary young people and 78% of trans young people are open about their identity online but not in real life.

Overall almost two-thirds of Gen Z (61%) say they find it difficult to be themselves openly. Meanwhile just 13% are out to IRL family and friends.

The survey also demonstrated that Gen Z uses dating apps for self-discovery.

Well over half (68%) of the 18 to 25-year-olds said dating apps help them meet people from different backgrounds.

Moreover, more than a third (35%) are more open to dating different genders than they were three years ago. And one in five of Gen Z said they would enter into a non-traditional relationship, like polyamory.

Multiple sexual orientations

Tinder unveiled a new function called ‘Orientation’ a year ago.

It’s available for users in the US, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. And it allows people to choose up to three sexualities from a list including: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, asexual, pansexual, queer and questioning.

So far, 62% of Tinder members have used Orientation. And Gen Z are particularly keen.

They are 20% more likely to use this feature than others and 37% more likely to choose more than one orientation. Notably many in this age group are now describing themselves as ‘questioning and straight’.

Meanwhile Gen Z also has different attitudes than past generations to who they date and what they value. Polling organization YouGov conducted additional research for Tinder in the UK to measure these shifting views.

The young people said good looks and humor are now less important. 48% of 18 to 25-year-olds want a date to be authentic above everything else, compared to 18% wanting someone funny or 4% someone polite.

Moreover, 79% believe tolerance is a fundamental value in society. But 62% believe that, while acceptance of sexuality is better than before, there’s more work to be done.

Tinder is now rolling out its Orientation feature to more countries. Elie Seidman, the company’s CEO, said:

‘At Tinder, we believe everyone deserves to feel seen, which starts with the ability to authentically be yourself. That’s why we introduced both the Orientation and More Genders features. Our younger members, Gen Z, are leading the way to a more inclusive world.’

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith