13 brave Malaysians join intimate queer photoshoot in country where homosexuality is illegal

13 brave Malaysians join intimate queer photoshoot in country where homosexuality is illegal

A country where homosexuality is still against the law may the be the last place you’d expect to do an LGBT+ photoshoot.

But the editor of Elska Magazine travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after locals begged him to shoot in their city.

Kuala Lumpur is a diverse mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian residents – among others.

But it’s also the capital of Malaysia, an increasingly anti-LGBT+ country. Gay sex is still illegal with police raiding LGBT+ venues and authorities punishing people with caning, jail and fines.

Elska editor and chief photographer, Liam Campbell, said:

‘I never really expected to make an issue in Malaysia because I just assumed that as a majority Muslim country where homosexuality is illegal, the locals wouldn’t be keen to do it.

‘But last autumn after we published our Manila (Philippines) issue, we got a passionate letter from a guy in Kuala Lumpur imploring us to give his city the same attention.

‘So I asked him to spread the word and within a week I received over a dozen messages from similarly passionate local men. I couldn’t ignore their excitement, so I booked a flight and hurried over.’

Muizz A. Elska
Khairul K. Elska
Jietwong J. Elska
Greg B. Elska

Stories from Kuala Lumpur

We’ve previously followed Elska’s journey to Belgium, Mumbai, Toronto, Taiwan, Lisbon, Mexico and many more. Put together, they show a range of guys, from all different races, body types and ages.

Yang C. Elska
Anthony C. Elska
Darren L. Elska
Azraai T. Elska

This edition is no different. It showcases Kuala Lumpur and LGBT+ life through intimate photos of local men.

Meanwhile it also reveals a little about the men’s lives. In this issue, we learn about Sam Z’s first trip to a gay bathhouse – the excitement, the fear, the lust, and the disappointment.

Sam Z. Tris Reid-Smith

Moreover, trans guy Gems A explains it is hard to find a partner who isn’t only interested in him as a sexual fetish. And Ashul S talks about how he came out to his mother without ever daring to use LGBT+ vocabulary.

Gems A. Elska
Ashul S. Elska
Jules N. Elska

You can see a list of where Elska Magazine is sold around the world or order a copy online here.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith