BBC Wiltshire Host Virtual Pride Celebrations

BBC Wiltshire Host Virtual Pride Celebrations

BBC Radio Wiltshire will dedicate a whole day to a Virtual Pride this weekend.

The Radio station will be turning its whole schedule on Saturday 8th August to celebrating LGBTQ+ life in Wiltshire following the cancellation of the annual festival held in Old Town, which fell victim of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

The day will feature conversations around Pride and its continued importance, as well as guest speakers including participants involved in this year’s Salisbury Pride and the sponsors of Swindon and Wiltshire Pride who will be talking about their roles in bringing together and supporting the local community.

There will also be a mix of audio diaries and live interviews, including the lives of transgender individuals and their journeys, LGBTQ+ sports clubs who discuss the inclusivity of sport as well as a phycologist, Janey Milligan, who discusses the nuances of mental health in the LGBTQ+ community.

Phoenix Stewart, community engagement manager for Swindon and Wiltshire Pride, told local press about the importance of Pride and said, “Pride is about celebrating who you are, with like-minded people around you. It’s an opportunity to be educated on just how diverse the LGBTQ+ community is, learning about the role you can play in supporting each other. Pride is also a chance to celebrate who you are, in an environment that is safe.

“It’s important to bring Pride to different areas of the country that may be under-represented. LGBTQ+ people are in all parts of the world and we need them all to feel represented and be able to celebrate who they are in an inclusive way.”

BBC Radio Wiltshire can be heard throughout the county on FM Radio on 103.5, 103.6, 104.3 or 104.9FM, on Digital DAB Radio, on Freeview channel 72, or online via BBC Sounds