English soccer legend Paul Gascoigne says he’s ‘very proud’ of his bisexual son, Regan

English soccer legend Paul Gascoigne says he’s ‘very proud’ of his bisexual son, Regan
Regan Gascoigne.

Former English soccer star Paul Gascoigne has spoken of how proud he is of his bisexual son Regan.

It’s the first time the 53-year-old football legend has talked about Regan Gascoigne’s sexuality.

Dancer Regan, 24, revealed he is bi in a newspaper interview last November. He then talked about it on ITV morning show Lorraine.

Now his dad Paul tells The Mirror newspaper:

‘He texted me the night before and I saw him on TV talking about it.

‘I told him: “It doesn’t matter what you do son, I will support you 100%, you have to do what makes you happy.

‘I thought “bless him”. To go on TV and do that is hard.

‘He is a professional dancer, he is a fit guy, and I am very proud of him.’

‘I want ballet shoes, not football boots’

Regan Gascoigne.
Regan Gascoigne wants to build his dance career without relying on his dad’s fame. Regan Instagram

Back in November Regan told Lorraine: ‘I’ve never actually come out. I never made a point of coming out. I’ve just let it come out organically.

‘When anyone asked me I would be honest and say “yeah I’ve dated both boys and girls”. I feel like we shouldn’t have to come out. It should just be normal.’

He also told her that he decided he had to raise the subject with his dad after the newspaper asked him about it. However, he knew from the start it wouldn’t be a problem.

‘I saw the article and headline and thought “oh I’ve got to text him now”. I just texted him and said: “I’m so sorry I’ve never had this chat, I just feel like I’ve never had this chat with you.”

‘His response was exactly what I thought. He said: “I still love you no matter what.”’

Indeed, Regan said his dad had been equally understanding and supportive when he was a boy and he didn’t want the football boots Paul gave him.

Young Regan made clear: ‘I want ballet shoes, not football boots.’

Moreover, despite the advantage of having a famous dad in the fiercely competitive musical theatre world, Regan wants to build his own career for himself:

‘I just wanted to keep it separate. I wanted to make a career from my own success, my own passion and drive.’

Even his classmates at performing arts school didn’t know.

The rise and fall of ‘Gazza’

Paul Gascoigne was one of the most famous and talented British soccer players of his generation. 

The UK public affectionately called him ‘Gazza’. And he achieved huge success for top-tier clubs and the English national team.

However, since his playing career ended he’s become almost as famous for his struggles with alcoholism and poor mental health. He’s been detained in mental institutions and jailed a number of times.

He divorced Regan’s mom Sheryl, 54, in 1998 and has been single ever since. But he now says he gets on well with Regan and his stepchildren Bianca and Mason.

Despite a number of leading players and former players indicating they support LGBT+ people, no professional British male soccer players are openly gay or bi.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith