Kink lovers want more visibility at Pride

Kink lovers want more visibility at Pride

Many kink lovers feel they are left out of Pride events and would love the events to be more inclusive of the fetish community.

A new survey found that 49% of fetish fans felt Prides represented them but 44% didn’t.

Meanwhile, it showed strong support for a kink-lovers area at Pride events where they can be themselves.

Many Prides have struggled to balance including fetish fans with being a safe space for families and appeasing corporate sponsors.

The Pride movement has a sexual liberation message deeply ingrained in its heritage. Despite this, some feel that kink is not appropriate at Pride events.

In recent years, much of the debate in the UK has focused on ‘pups’. The pup kink has proved popular with younger gay and bi men, often eclipsing more well established kinks like leather and rubberwear.

The survey, by UK community interest company Animagi, indicated that kinksters felt larger Pride events tend to manage better representation. However, it showed visibility of fetish was low overall.

Education at the heart of kinksters Pride wishes

The survey showed that kinksters would support a fetish area at Pride events. Meanwhile 78% think such an area should be limited to those aged 18 or over.

They suggest it should include kink stalls (94%), a social area (94%), workshops (91%) and education (82%). Both a ‘pet play area’ (66%) and photobooth (62%) were also popular suggestions.

The kinksters want Prides to celebrate the fetishlovers that drove change in the LGBT+ community and their heritage.

Moreover, they think Prides can help educate people about kink.

In particular, they want opportunities to teach people about ‘RACK’. This stands for ‘risk-aware consensual kink’ and is a way for people to have fun while understanding and consenting to what they are doing.

Those in the survey felt this education should be available to all – including Pride goers aged under 18.

Meanwhile many want to wear fetish clothing to events. However they are also aware of other Pride users and their dignity.

As a result the survey showed they supported clearer dress code advice from Prides. However, some felt the current rules were too strict.

The kinsters want Pride organizers in the future to reach out to their local fetish groups. Moreover, they feel Prides shouldn’t be ashamed to include kink visibility in their promotional materials.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith