Donald Trump’s son Eric claims LGBT+ people love his dad and accidentally comes out

Donald Trump’s son Eric claims LGBT+ people love his dad and accidentally comes out
Eric Trump.

Eric Trump has had to emphasize he’s married to a woman after accidentally saying he was ‘part of the LGBT community’.

He made the comment on Fox & Friends as he claimed LGBT+ people ‘love’ his dad – President Donald Trump.

However, social media users have widely mocked his remarks. They’ve scoffed at his slip of the tongue and dispute his claims that LGBT+ Americans support Trump.

In his comments on the TV show yesterday (29 September), Eric Trump said:

‘I’m telling you, I see it every day. The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day.

‘I’m part of that community, and we love the man and thank you for protection our neighborhoods and thank you for protecting our cities.’

‘Shameful and abysmal’ record

After people picked up on his comments on social media, Eric Trump was quick to issue a clarification.

He said he was merely paraphrasing what LGBT+ supporters of the president say about his father.

Moreover he told the New York Post:

‘To clarify, many of our close friends are part of the LGBT community, which was the intent of my statement. The left has taken that vote for granted for a long time and support from the gay community for my father is incredible.

‘As to me personally, as I think you know, I am a happily married man to my wife, Lara.’

However, a slip of the tongue aside, many do not accept his assessment of Trump’s LGBT+ support.

Sarah Kate Ellis is CEO of LGBT+ organization GLAAD which has analyzed Trump’s record.

She responded: ‘The LGBTQ community is indeed incredible. But the Trump Administration’s record on LGBTQ issues is shameful and abysmal.

‘The Trump family and their surrogates lie about widespread support in our community. LGBTQ voters will not fall for it. We follow the facts.’

‘Ally’ or ‘vicious’ and ‘cruel’ to LGBT+ Americans?

As the 3 November presidential election hots up, Trump’s people have repeatedly claimed he’s an LGBT+ ally.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has said he’s an LGBT+ ally and claimed he has a ‘great record’ on LGBT+ issues.

However, GLAAD lists 175 times the Trump administration has attacked LGBT+ Americans. These include fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to discriminate against LGBT+ workers and couples wanting to adopt.

Moreover, they point to Washington Post fact checkers. They stated last month that Trump’s claims to be a strong ally to LGBT+ Americans are ‘bonkers’ and ‘whoppers’.

Meanwhile, within the last week, Trump’s rival Joe Biden joined the attacks on the president’s LGBT+ record

Indeed, not even the whole Trump family agree with Eric’s assessment. The president’s lesbian niece Mary Trump says he doesn’t care about LGBT+ people, is ‘vicious’ to trans Americans and ‘being cruel really plays well with his supporters’.

Research earlier this year showed Trump has become more anti-LGBT+ as he prepares for the election.

By contrast, Biden has promised to proritize LGBT+ rights if he wins the election on 3 November.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith