Gay theology expert explains why Christians who use the Bible to hate have got it all wrong

Gay theology expert explains why Christians who use the Bible to hate have got it all wrong
Jesus with a Roman Centurion.

Anti-LGBT+ Christians love to use the Bible to justify their hatred and prejudice – but an LGBT+ theologian has explained they’ve got it all wrong.

Indeed, it only takes TikTok video creator Tim Beeckman Davis only 57 seconds to dismiss all the extremist Christians’ favorite arguments.

Beekman Davis, who calls himself GleefullyTim on TikTok, explains he’s studied theology all his life and wants to share what he’s learned:

‘Number one the word “homosexual” does not exist in the Bible.’

He explains in the original Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible, there is condemnation of pedophiles. The sin, therefore, was abuse – and definitely not consenting sex between adults.

However, modern versions of the Bible now mistranslate that original word as ‘homosexual’. 

He explains: ‘The world homosexual wasn’t introduced until the 1900s. An American conservative company paid a German translator to put it into the Bible.’

Moreover he adds: ‘We already know why the Catholic Church would want to support that and not the original text.’

‘God is genderless’

GleefullyTim goes on: ‘Number two, if you have a problem with the gender thing, God is genderless and we are created in his image.’

Sticking with gender, he also explains why being trans is not contrevening God’s intentions for humanity:

‘If you have a problem with trans people… Well, as a Christian we believe we are a soul placed in a vessel. And that means there’s a chance we were placed in the wrong vessel.’

Moreover, he adds that neither the 10 Commandments nor Jesus’ words condemn LGBT+ people.

Therefore, he concludes: ‘So basically God doesn’t give a shit.’ 

But before he signs off, the Black Lives Matter supporter has another important reminder:

‘Also there were no white people in the Bible. Class dismissed.’ 


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GleefullyTim created the video in June for TikTok. However, it has since spread across social media platforms, with thousands of people engaging with it.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith