Giving Through COVID to Build Back Stronger

Giving Through COVID to Build Back Stronger

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Creating a stronger LGBT footprint on the Internet is now made easier with PrideLife’s new “Buy One, Give One” program on new .LGBT domain names. Not only are you raising visibility for your organisation and community with a new .LGBT domain name, but now you get to gift that same benefit to someone else for free.

As a Consortium member you receive a 30% discount on any new .LGBT names you register with the coupon code LGBTGIVE, and then you’ll get one free .LGBT name to give away. A small act of kindness during such a difficult 2020 may be the relief or inspiration others could use right now.

PrideLife is the world’s first and only LGBT-certified business selling domain names, with a clear focus on promoting domains with diversity. The .LGBT domain is in itself a statement on diversity, representing a tangible shift in acceptance of a community once excluded from opportunity. A custom-built LGBT virtual space now exists, so let’s break some new ground.

Find out more and search for your new .LGBT domain here:

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