Spice Girl Geri Horner trademarks ‘Rainbow Woman’ for LGBT+ inclusive kids books

Spice Girl Geri Horner trademarks ‘Rainbow Woman’ for LGBT+ inclusive kids books
Geri Horner, previously Geri Halliwell.

Geri Horner has apparently trademarked the name ‘Rainbow Woman’ for a new children’s book series.

The 48-year-old, came to fame as Geri Halliwell or Ginger Spice in the 1990s Spice Girls. However she is now putting her efforts into her writing rather than relaunching her solo music career.

Despite reports the Spice Girls may reform, The Sun newspaper says she is focusing on her new book series.

A source told The Sun that: ‘Rainbow Woman will build on the Spice Girls’ “girl power” legacy but will also celebrate diversity and LGBTQ people, which she has long been a supporter of.

‘Geri is all about love and acceptance so it’s important for that to be at the center of everything she does.

‘She recently filed legal documents to protect the name Rainbow Woman and has been hard at work on the project.’

Horner apparently has big plans for the new series. Not only has she claimed the trademark for books but also for merchandise, including clothes, a TV series and film.

Bidding war after book success

Of course Horner – who changed her name from Geri Halliwell when she married Christian Horner, from the Formula One Red Bull racing team in 2015 – is best known for her music.

The Spice Girls sold over 85 million records and made their slogan ‘Girl Power’ world famous. And her solo career saw number one hits including Lift Me Up and Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. 

However, she also published an autobiography in 1999, If Only, described her life as a Spice Girl. It topped bestseller lists and sold over a million copies in the UK alone. Just a few years later, her second autobiography, Just for the Record, came out.

Moreover, in 2007 she started her Ugenia Lavender children’s books. The lead character is loosely based on Geri’s own life and famous people as diverse as Gordon Ramsay, George Michael, Marilyn Monroe and Vincent van Gogh inspired many of the other characters.

The series became a hit, appearing in multiple languages.

As a result, the tabloid press claimed in March that publishers were engaged in a £1million bidding war to sign her up.

Reports now suggest she hopes to release the first book in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, her solo career may be on hold. However, Spice Girls fans may be in for a treat. Rumors of a reunion in 2021 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the girl group appear to be growing by the day.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith