“When Someone You Love is Diagnosed with HIV” – a new resource booklet from FFLAG

“When Someone You Love is Diagnosed with HIV” – a new resource booklet from FFLAG

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FFLAG is proud to inform you about the latest booklet in our support series.

This small booklet is a resource for anybody dealing with their emotional reactions on learning that a friend or relative has been diagnosed with HIV. It has been written by parents who have received this news from their own children and is intended to be of particular help to other parents. We hope anyone (regardless of age, sexuality or gender identity) disclosing this diagnosis to friends and family will give them this booklet to help them understand their condition and reassure them that they can lead an ordinary life.

FFLAG is the UK’s charity for families with LGBT+ members, although this support booklet is offered to everyone who may find it useful. We offer support by email (support@fflag.org.uk) or through our Helpline (0300 688 0368) and through the materials on our website (www.fflag.org.uk).

FFLAG will post a copy of this booklet on request and free of charge to any UK address. It is also available to download from FFLAG’s website: www.fflag.org.uk/booklets-posters-forms

If you have any questions about this booklet please contact: admin@fflag.org.uk

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