Joe Biden: ‘I’ll fight every day in the White House’ for LGBT+ people

Joe Biden: ‘I’ll fight every day in the White House’ for LGBT+ people
Joe Biden, September 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden has pledged to ‘fight every day’ for LGBT+ people if he wins the presidency.

Polls in recent weeks have seen the Democratic nominee increasing his lead against President Donald Trump. Poll averages put Biden almost 10% ahead of Trump. However, there is still everything to fight for with tight races in key battleground states, including Florida.

Marking National Coming Out Day on 11 October, Biden said on Twitter:

‘I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know you are loved and accepted just as you are – whether you’ve come out or not.

‘I’ll fight every day in the White House to create a country where you can live open, proud, and free — without fear.’

Biden has previously promised to proritize LGBT+ rights if he wins the election on 3 November.

‘LGBT+ equality is on the ballot’

Meanwhile Biden ally, Pete Buttigieg has called on LGBT+ allies to stand up for the community in the election.

Buttigieg made history earlier this year as the first openly gay presidential hopeful to make real progress in the race.

However, he bowed out of the race to become the Democratic nominee and threw his support to Biden. If the Democrat wins, Buttigieg will take an important role on his transition team.

Buttigieg tweeted: ‘We need to be clear with anyone who considers themselves an ally: LGBTQ+ equality is on the ballot.’

Over the summer, Trump’s team has suggested the president is an LGBT+ ally and will win the community’s votes.  White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has said he’s an LGBT+ ally and claims he has a ‘great record’ on LGBT+ issues. In response, LGBT+ campaigners swiftly debunked those claims.

Likewise the president’s son, Eric Trump, said LGBT+ voters ‘come out in full force for my father every single day’.

However, the president’s lesbian niece, Mary Trump, disagrees. She says the president doesn’t care about LGBT+ people and is ‘vicious’ to trans Americans.

Biden has also joined the attacks on the president’s LGBT+ record

Research earlier this year showed Trump has become more anti-LGBT+ as he prepares for the election.

A poll published at the start of October showed 76% of LGBT+ voters back Biden with just 17% planning to back Donald Trump.

That’s significantly higher than national polls that, on average, currently place Biden on 51.7% and Trump on 41.9%.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith