Consortium Statement on new Gender Recognition Inquiry

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Last week, the Westminster Parliament’s Women and Equalities Select Committee launched a public Inquiry into the UK Government’s recent announcement of changes to the gender recognition process for trans people in England and Wales.

The Women and Equalities Committee holds Government to account on equality law and policy, so Inquiries like this are a good opportunity to recommend to MPs what needs to be improved.

Consortium and its Member organisations were disappointed that the Government have reneged from their responsibilities to implement positive and meaningful reforms to the Gender Recognition Act – something that had been promised.

More than 70% of respondents of The Government’s own LGBT Survey (2018) were in favour of positive reform yet the Government will only pursue minimal administrative changes.

This is all at a time when trans people, including non-binary people, from all backgrounds and identities continue to face huge inequalities across all areas of life as highlighted through the together. campaign. All trans and non-binary people should feel dignity and respect just like others in society are afforded on a daily basis.

That’s why it is crucial for everyone to participate in this Inquiry. We need to tell the Government that they must deliver on their promise and go further to meaningfully reform the Gender Recognition Act. We also need to discourage any opening of the Equality Act 2010 as the mechanisms within it are already fit for purpose.

Trans, LGBT+ and allied organisations across the country have been united in trying to secure these positive reforms. Thousands of trans people in England and Wales – after years of delay after delay – have been let down, and this has clearly made their lives much harder.

We need to ensure that, as a consequence, this Inquiry does not bring about more hate and misconceptions about trans people and their lives.

In the next few weeks, we will be working with our Trans Organisations Network and our wider membership to better understand sector thinking on this Inquiry, whilst maintaining work with the Government Equalities Office and other external stakeholders.

The Inquiry is open until 27th November.

We hope to be able to share further details and resources soon.

In the meantime, please encourage your stakeholders to be careful on social media and to take care of their mental health, bearing in mind the Covid19 situation is difficult enough to deal with.

We will stand firm with our Trans members in defending the human rights, dignity and safety of all in our communities as we stand #TogetherWithTrans.

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