New artist development scheme for women and gender non-conforming producers

New artist development scheme for women and gender non-conforming producers
Scuffed Recordings

UK Based label Scuffed Recording have just announced their brand new artist development scheme for women and gender non-conforming artists. 

The scheme aims to address the gender imbalance in music production with a six-month program offering production lessons and industry training for developing producers.

Set to run in the first half of 2021, Scuffed Recordings will take on five artists with a view of developing their production skills, artistry and music industry knowledge.

Pooling together with some of the most exciting producers working in electronic music including, India Jordan, LYC, Elkka and more to still be announced.


Elkka joins Scuffed Recording for their new programme. Charlotte Summers

The much-needed scheme comes after research found women account for less than 10% of working producers and sound engineers.

Scuffed founders High Class Filter and Ian DPM said: “Over the three years we’ve been running the label, we’ve seen first-hand the huge gender disparity in producers working in electronic music, and our artist development programme is our way of attempting to address this imbalance using the resources and industry knowledge available to us.”

The founders went on to say, “We recognise that women of colour and trans artists are most under-represented in the music industry, and so we particularly welcome applications from those groups.”

The news has everyone excited including Andrea Di Giovanni, a gender-nonconforming artist who’s recently had major success with “Shame Resurrection” featuring in Netflix’s new series, Pretty Little Things.

They go on to say “As a gender non conforming independent musician, I find this initiative beautiful and necessary in its purpose. The gender disparity within the music industry realm is real and is a conversation many folks in powerful positions like to avoid or blissfully ignore.”

The programme shines a light onto the journey of an independent artists jounrey, many artists and producers will have to learn how to market themselves to their audience. Andrea shares, 

You can be as good as Pharrel Williams however if an artist doesn’t know how to market themselves and get heard, the public will never know about them.”

Whilst this isn’t included in Scuffed Recordings programme, it will focus on the much-needed support women and gender non-conforming producers and musicians require.

Scuffed Recordings Artist Development Scheme
Applications will be closing on 19th February. Charlotte Summers

Another artist excited to see a dedicated programme towards marginalised talents is Foxgluvv, a DIY pop icon who openly discusses her identify as a queer woman through her music.

“It’s no secret that the vast majority of producers are cis men – and there aren’t a lot of opportunities that are specific to targeting this gender disparity. 

So, with Scuffed Recordings boldly encouraging women and non-binary producers to develop skills and learn from the best of the best, I hope that this scheme will ignite the future of music production and raise the bar of inclusion for within the wider music industry.”

The programme has everyone excited about the new opportunities it will have on the music industry, with the hope of finding and listening to new talent.

lleo a pop musician who is known for their upbeat tracks goes onto adds “I think we as listeners are going to hear some amazing new music, created from people with a unique experience of the world – and that’s where the best music comes from!”

Applications have already opened with a closing date of 19th of February. We can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!

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Author: Charlotte Summers