Eminem Asks Himself ‘What If I’m Gay?’ In New Song

Eminem Asks Himself ‘What If I’m Gay?’ In New Song

Eminem appears as a featured artist with Joyner Lucas on the leaked song “What If I Was Gay.”

A section of the song was leaked to Rap Century on October 29th. The new track looks like a possibility for Lucas’s upcoming album.

The preview of the track is around 13 seconds long, and the lyrics seem to be exploring what it might be like to be a part of the LGBTQ community and what the public reaction might be if the artist came out as gay.

Eminem raps: “What if I’m a hypocrite who’s just afraid to face truth? / Wait, what if I told you that I’m gay too?”

Controversial lyrics for the rapper, as he has been accused of homophobia in the past.

His homophobia goes as far back as the 2000s but, most recently, Eminem released a dis-track wherein he called Tyler, the Creator a “f*ggot.”

Lucas and Eminem have worked together previously on Eminem’s most recent studio album, Kamikaze. With Joyner collaborating on the track “Lucky You.”

The lyrics also say: “But on the real, what if I told you that I was brave? / I grew up different than I was raised / But still, what if I told you I’m out of place? / Wait. What if I told you that I was gay.”

The leaked song received a mixed review online with some fans loving the song.

Whilst others were unsure of it.

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Author: Liam Bond